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Contracts, Licensing & Sales
Interested in Garfield for your product/packaging or promotion?
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Jill Davis – Senior V.P. of Licensing, Paws. Inc.
email: [email protected]
Reprints & Permissions
Interested in having the Garfield comic strip to appear on your website or in your print publication?
Raegan Carmona- Universal Uclick
Email: [email protected]
Public Relations & Press Info
Kim Campbell - Director of Public Relations, Paws, Inc.
email: [email protected]
Costume Appearances
Are you interested in having Garfield appear at your next event?
Ted Chmura III - Brand Manager, Milestone Productions
Phone: 413-304-2112
email: [email protected]
Creative Services
Looking for a creative/artistic agency to handle your next design project?
Brad Hill - Art Director, Paws, Inc.
email: [email protected]
Tom Howard - Art Director, Paws, Inc.
email: [email protected]
Educational Initiatives
Are you interested in learning more about Professor Garfield and Garfield's Educational Initiatives?
Bob Levy - Dir. of Education Online Initiatives, Paws, Inc.
email: [email protected]