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Garfield Tycoon
By Web Prancer
Released December 17th, 2013

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Full Description :

Garfield hits the big time with the launch of his new high-rise complex! Join Garfield as he takes the Muncie real estate market by storm in this highly addictive management SIM game that will test your wits and strategy. Become a high-rise magnate in Garfield Tycoon!


A recent slew of odd jobs have left Garfield and Jon with extra disposable income. Garfield likes the idea of being a powerful tycoon with an army of private chefs, so he decides it's time to stick his paws in the lucrative world of real estate!


With deed title in hand, Garfield takes his first steps in the world of high-rise business and immediately discovers that he needs all the help he can get. That’s where YOU come in: join Garfield and his funny friends as they become entangled in managing a multi-purpose tower, complete with different shops, restaurants, assorted businesses and a vast residential area.


- Build and decorate the tower with your favorite Garfield graphics
- Construct residential floors to house your employees
- Set up commercial floors that will enable different types of businesses such as Lasagna Restaurants, Arcade Centers, Laundromats, Veterinary Clinics, Pet Salons and more! These will provide sales as well as jobs.
- Usher your guests and employees to the correct floor using a giant trampoline (much more efficient than an elevator!).
- Make sure your shops are fully stocked to avoid shortages. Check the gauges of each product.
- Maintain all your facilities properly to ensure smooth operations.
- Test your resource management skills!
- Be on the lookout! VIP guests might grace the building with their presence and hand out special tips.
- Interact, share and compete with your friends using the social media features.
- Earn Coins to buy materials for construction and decoration. Earn Hearts to speed up construction and other processes.