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Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack Vol. 9
By Ballantine Books
Released April 28th, 2015

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Print (Hard Copy)
Print (Hard Copy)

Full Description :

A triple helping of classic Garfield humor!

Three books in one means three times the fun! This Fat Cat 3-Pack includes Garfield Hits the Big Time, Garfield Pulls His Weight, and Garfield Dishes it Out.

For Garfield, life is an adventure.

He may not be a big fan of the great outdoors — the only kind of moose he likes is chocolate — but Garfield is always in search of a good time. Whether he’s winning a game of hide-and-seek with clueless canine Odie, finding his motivation for batting around a ball of yarn, bouncing on the hardwood floors, or wrestling a meat loaf, the fat cat never shies away from a day of play.

Let the games begin!

The GARFIELD FAT CAT 3-PACK series collects the GARFIELD comic-strip compilation books in a new, full-color format. Garfield may have gone through a few changes, but one thing has stayed the same: his enormous appetite for food and fun. So enjoy some supersized laughs with the insatiable cat, because too much fun is never enough!

Author: Jim Davis
Format: Full-Color Sunday & Daily Comic Strips
Features comic strips from: September 6th, 1992 to June 11th, 1994