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​Doc Boy

​Doc Boy

First Appearance:
May 17th, 1983

​Doc Boy first comic strip appearance

Known Relatives:
Mom, Dad, Jon, Grandma, Uncle Bob, Uncle Ned, Uncle Buford, Uncle Roy, Uncle Bill, Uncle Ed, Uncle Enos, Uncle Otto, Aunt Gussie, Aunt Trudy, Aunt Edna, Aunt Lillian, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Orleen, Aunt Ivy, Cousin Minerva, Cousin Drusilla , Cousin Leonard, Great Uncle Norbert

Fun Fact:
Doc Boy once vacationed in Loogieville, Indiana, and had his picture taken with the World’s Largest Corn Cob.

Favorite Farm Game:
“Touch the Udder”

Jon's only sibling, Doc Boy, lives on the Arbuckle farm with his parents. Like his city-slicker brother, Doc Boy leads a pretty boring life. But at least he only has to feed the hogs. Jon has to feed Garfield.

“Doc Boy was named after my own brother, Dave ‘Doc’ Davis. Doc isn't nearly as goofy as his cartoon namesake; he's goofier.”

-Jim Davis