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​Jon Q. Arbuckle

​Jon Q. Arbuckle

First Appearance:
June 19th, 1978

​Jon Q. Arbuckle first comic strip appearance

Known Relatives:
Mom, Dad, Doc Boy, Grandma, Uncle Bob, Uncle Ned, Uncle Buford, Uncle Roy, Uncle Bill, Uncle Ed, Uncle Enos, Uncle Otto, Aunt Gussie, Aunt Trudy, Aunt Edna, Aunt Lillian, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Orleen, Aunt Ivy, Cousin Minerva, Cousin Drusilla , Cousin Leonard, Great Uncle Norbert

First Date:
Jon took his mom to the prom.

Decent but dull, with a fatally flawed fashion sense, Jon is a geek with a heart of gold.

Originally Jon was a cartoonist. These days he seems to have his hands full playing straight man to Garfield.

With his wardrobe straight out of “Geeks R Us” and his pathetic pickup lines, the hopelessly unhip Jon is always courting disaster.

“The name Jon Arbuckle came from an old coffee commercial I remember hearing. I’d also used the name as an ‘expert source’ to add ‘credibility’ to my speeches. When I created the comic strip, the name just seemed to fit the kind of poor sap who would get stuck with a cranky cat like Garfield.”

-Jim Davis