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GarfieldEATS his way to Toronto

(ALBANY, IN — April 9, 2019) — If Garfield could dream up the perfect restaurant, it would undoubtedly include lasagna, pizza, and coffee, and would have to satisfy the lazy cat’s penchant for ease and comfort. At GarfieldEATS, a new innovative concept restaurant, Garfield’s dreams come true. Opening in Toronto in April, GarfieldEATS is the world’s first entergaging restaurant app — both engaging + entertaining. Users can watch, play, and order at the same time and collect paws, a loyalty coin system, to unlock goupon offers and much more, thanks to its unique user experience and interface design. Healthy Farm2Plate (F2P) lasagna, a Garfield-shaped pizza, Garfield-shaped dark chocolate bars, and Garficcino flavored coffee, are all on the menu to complete the Garfield experience.

Canada will be the second country or region for GarfieldEATS after a successful launch less than a year ago in Dubai. This cashier-less restaurant will be in the heart of Toronto’s popular downtown. GarfieldEATS will be available for delivery and pick-up by ordering via the app on mobile phones placed in the store.

Co-founders Nathen Mazri, a native of Montreal, and Pascal Haider were fans of the cartoon cat growing up and successfully combined Garfield’s famous love for Italian food with the burgeoning app economy, which focused on delivery and convenience. They believed that communities deserved a fun new digital way to order F2P food, embracing QMR, not QSR. Their vision was to use modern technology to make ordering food fun and easy. They were also sensitive to environmental and healthy living concerns. GarfieldEATS will adhere to strict F2P guidelines on supply sourcing, guaranteeing no GMOs, no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no fertilizers. Environmentally friendly packaging, which can be repurposed, is also on the table.

Jim Davis, Garfield’s creator, said he was delighted with the concept. “In 40 years, no one has ever come to me with a revolutionary concept like GarfieldEATS. It’s a well-thought‐out plan to deliver great food in a fun and engaging way using modern technology. I also admire the young entrepreneurial spirit shown by Nathen and his insistence on keeping the menu healthy and the environment safe.”

Download GarfieldEATS Canada on Apple and Android this April. The app is also available to pre-install on Apple today. Learn more at and follow @GarfieldEatsapp or @nathenmazri.


About Garfield

Born on the newspaper comics pages on June 19, 1978, GARFIELD first appeared in just 41 U.S. newspapers. Today, GARFIELD is the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world (Guinness World Records), appearing in over 2100 newspapers with a readership estimated at 200,000,000 each day.

The creation of cartoonist Jim Davis, GARFIELD is a humorous strip centered on the lives of a quick-witted orange cat who loves lasagna, coffee, and his remote control; Jon Arbuckle, his owner; and Odie, a sweet but dumb dog. Andrews McMeel Syndication distributes the feature.

The success of the comic strip spawned an empire including movies, TV shows, stage shows, merchandise, books, and more. An estimated 200 million books have sold worldwide since Garfield’s inception.

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