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Golden Bell Studios and PAWS Team Up To Develop Garfield Board and Card Games

Golden Bell Studios has announced that they will be developing and manufacturing

a line of Garfield board and card games in 2018. It’s true - America’s favorite (and

fattest) feline will have his very own games to help you and your family wipe away

those Monday blues.

After working together to license Garfield to Golden Bell Studios in different art

styles for Golden Bell’s The Sunday Comics since 2015, The two companies are

excited to bring a fan favorite to an uncharted medium.

“Garfield is such a staple in the comics industry and we wanted to give fans a way to

interact with the franchise in a way that hasn’t been done before.” said Marc

Goldner, Founder and CEO of Golden Bell Studios.

Since the Golden Bell acquired the license for LOST and Once Upon a Time from

ABC/Disney earlier this year, the company has been attaching itself to properties

with large and loyal fanbases.

“The board and card game industry is exploding and there are new players every

day. We want to give people another reason to join the party and enjoy a game with

familiar, funny characters” said Rob Gross, Chief Creative Officer for Golden Bell


Golden Bell has an exciting year planned for 2018 and Garfield will make an

excellent addition to their already stellar line of award-winning board and card