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Costume Appearances

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Are you interested in having Garfield appear at your next event? For Live Garfield Stage Shows and/or Meet & Greet appearances visit

For even more details and information about Garfield appearances contact :

Nick Desroches – Vice President of Production
Phone: 413-304-2112 extension 1
email: [email protected]

The Milestone team specializes in producing Licensed Character Events and Promotional Tours. Milestone has also created and produced videos and television programs for network and cable, and has been nominated for a Cable ACE Award. Their four decades worth of experience and endless creativity is evident in every production and event they produce.




Shows & Services

  1. Costume Rentals
  2. Live Appearances
  3. 15 minute Pocket Shows
  4. 30 minute Mini Shows
  5. 60 minute Musical Productions

Garfield Live Video links

  1. Garfield's Happy Birthday To Me 30 minute production
  2. Garfield' Christmas Surprise 60 minute production

For more information visit, or fill out the simple Request Booking Info form.