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This is the official GARFIELD website, and is owned and operated by Paws, Inc., an Indiana corporation owned in part by Jim Davis, the creator of "GARFIELD." This site is dedicated to providing entertaining content and offering authentic GARFIELD product for sale. is for our grown-up fans while is for children. To find out more about our privacy practices as they relate to children please click here.

  1. Hey, who's in charge here anyway?
  2. Summary
  3. Policies
    1. We Respect Your Privacy
    2. Information Automatically Collected Online
    3. Information You Provide to Us
    4. Information We Do Not Share With Others
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I. Who's in Charge?

Paws, Inc owns and operates and If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Statement, or this website, please feel free to contact:

5440 E. Co. Rd. 450 N.
Albany, IN 47320
Phone: 765-287-2222

II. Summary

Here's the deal. The internet has a lot of great advantages, and it enables people to interact in many different ways. As a result of interaction, data and information can be obtained from you. We only want to use that information in ways that are known by you in advance, and in ways that are acceptable to you.


The information that we may collect from you generally falls into three (3) categories.

Anonymous electronic footprints. When our computers are "communicating" with one another, such as when you are surfing our pages, our computer identifies your computer and accumulates certain information, such as which pages you visited, and how long you were there. But we don't know your name, where you live, etc. We use this anonymous information to figure out what people like about our site, how many visitors we get, and so forth. We share this information with advertisers and others so they will know how valuable it is to be associated with our site and we'll hopefully make some money and nobody gets hurt.

Contact information. It is always up to you, but you may GIVE us your e-mail address, or other method of contacting you. When you do this, we assume that you want us to communicate directly with you. So that's exactly what we'll do, limited to the stated or obvious purpose of your contact with us. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 13, PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE US WITH ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR MAILING ADDRESS.

Personally identifiable information. This is personal information about you, such as your name, address, phone number, et cetera. Again, we only get this information if you VOLUNTARILY GIVE it to us, and when you do, we assume that you want us to use it. If you later change your mind, just let us know and we'll stop using it immediately. Again, we assume that only people age 13 or older will provide us with personally identifiable information – if you are under this age, please do not submit any personally identifiable information to us.

When you provide us with contact information or other personally identifiable information, we may ask you if you want to receive “Garfield” related information. If you indicate that you do want to receive such information, then we will only use such information to contact you with respect to “Garfield” related news and information. If you ever want to stop receiving such information, you only need to contact us at:
5440 E. Co. Rd. 450 N.
Albany, IN 47320
Phone: 765-287-2222

Lastly, advertisements on our website may be delivered through third party advertising networks which may utilize cookie technology in connection with the delivery of the advertisements. These cookies are stored on the user’s computer, and provide information concerning the user’s activity on our website, and to identify the user as a return visitor, for the internal operations of the advertising network. You can opt-out of receiving cookies from third party advertising networks by visiting the Network Advertising Initiatives cookie opt-out page,, or at the following site:

III. Policies

1. We respect your privacy

We respect your privacy, and therefore we want to disclose to you how we may use information which you provide to us online and give you some options to limit or restrict such use(s). Since Internet technologies and the Internet environment are rapidly changing, these guidelines are subject to change, and any such changes will be posted on this page.


2. Information automatically collected online

Our web server automatically recognizes the IP address (the location of your internet enabled device on the Internet) and the action of each visitor while on our site. It also takes a picture of your bedroom. (Just kidding on that last one). Such information is used in the aggregate (and not specific to you or your specific usage) to improve our site and may be shown to others (such as potential advertisers) to "profile" aggregate site usage. Information automatically collected, and specific to your usage of the site, is only used for error tracking.

Our web server deposits tasteless, odorless, no-fat cookies on the hard drive of your internet enabled device when it visits our site to make your visit a more enjoyable experience. We also use cookies to make sure you don't see the same ad repeatedly. The use of cookies is standard in the internet industry. Your browser probably has a feature that will refuse our cookies (as would Garfield), or at least notify you before a cookie is placed, but utilizing this feature may interfere with your enjoyment of the Site.

We do NOT use cookies to identify specific individuals, except when you specifically disclose such information to us. We do NOT use cookies for promotional or marketing purposes, nor is that information shared with any third party.

You may also occasionally get cookies from our advertisers or other participants on our Site. These cookies are not controlled by us and are subject to the privacy policies of the provider (more on this below).

3. Information you provide to us

You will not be able to resist the temptation to give us information about yourself. For example, you may want to request information. So we may feel compelled to ask you to provide your personally identifiable information in order to respond to your inquiry.

We will obviously use the information you give us for the specific purpose for which it was given. We will also use it to improve our Site, and to improve the way that we do business. Unless you request otherwise at the time you provide the information, we may also use your personally identifiable information to communicate with you about the Garfield Stuff® product offerings, and other GARFIELD-related information.

4. Information we do not share with others

We do not sell or trade telephone numbers, or specific information about your household.

If you have any questions about the offerings on this site, you may ponder them, talk to your friends or advisors, or ask us:
5440 E. Co. Rd. 450 N.
Albany, IN 47320
Phone: 765-287-2222

5. Information collected by third parties on our website.

If you have identified yourself as a “Grownup” in a visit to the Site, the ads appearing on the Site will be delivered by third party advertising networks. In the process of serving the ads, these networks may place a cookie in your browser's cookie file and may use information (excluding your name, address, e-mail address or other personal information) about your visits to this website, and to identify you as a return visitor, for the internal operations of the advertising network.

You can opt-out of receiving cookies from third party advertising networks by visiting the Network Advertising Initiatives cookie opt-out page,, or at the following site: To learn more about online and mobile advertising, visit

6. Links to Other Sites.

This site contains links, including banner and other ads, to other Websites. Paws is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.