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Garfield & Friends Vol. 6 - Streaming
Released June 11th, 2012

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Full Description :

Garfield and Friends Volume 6 - Streaming allows you to rent or buy the first season of the classic Saturday morning television series. Now you can stream and/or download instantly Garfield & Friends on Kindle Fire HD, iPad/iPod/iPhone, PS3, Xbox, Wii, Wii U, Roku, on hundreds of TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and on the Web.

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Garfield & Friends Volume 6 - Streaming includes the following episodes:

Season 5

  • 77. Country Cousin / The Name Game / The Carnival Curse
  • 78. Renewed Terror / Badtime Story / Tooth or Dare
  • 79. Taste Makes Waist / The Wolf Who Cried Boy / Day of Doom
  • 80. The Kitty Council / The Bo Show / Bad Neighbor Policy
  • 81. Canvas Black Cat / Make Believe Moon / The Creature that Lived in the Refrigerator, Behind the Mayonnaise, Next to he Ketchup and to the Left of the Cole Slaw!
  • 82. Dummy of Danger / Sooner or Later / Jumping Jon
  • 83. Cute for Loot / The Caverns of Cocoa / Dream Date
  • 84. The Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind / Jack II: The Rest of the Story / The Garfield Opera
  • 85. Airborne Odie / Once Upon a Time Warp / Bride and Broom
  • 86. The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy / Who Done It? / The Picnic Panic
  • 87. Sound Judgement / Gross Encounters / The Perils of Penelope
  • 88. Ghost of a Chance / Roy Gets Sacked / Revenge of the Living Lunch
  • 89. Supersonic Seymour / A Mildly Mental Mix-Up / The Garfield Rap

Season 6

  • 90. A Vacation From His Senses / The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster / Dread Giveaway
  • 91. Jon the Barbarian / Uncle Roy to the Rescue / The Kitten and the Council

Actors: Lorenzo Music, Thom Huge, Gregg Berger, Desirée Goyette, Nino Tempo. Julie Payne, Frank Welker
Writers: Jim Davis, Mark Evanier
Studio: 20th Century Fox