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Garfield’s Epic Food Fight
By Web Prancer
Released June 19th, 2015

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Android Free
Android Free

Full Description :

Help Garfield and pals stop food-stealing aliens in this FREE beat 'em up RPG!

When food is in danger, even the *laziest* cat can turn into a mighty hero! Join your favorite lasagna-loving feline, Garfield, and his friends as they continue their battles with the food-stealing aliens in this innovative role-playing and match-three puzzle combo game!

The Food Invaders are unrelenting in their hunger for conquest! Using their advanced alien technology, they are transforming food into evil abominations to sow chaos and plunge the world into anarchy! Horrified by the prospect of a dismal, lasagna-less future, Garfield breaks out the claws to take on the extraterrestrial meatheads! Help Garfield and the rest of the Arbuckle household defend Earth from warmongering alien overlords!

Put your wits to the test by matching three or more food tiles to launch powerful combo attacks. The more tiles you match, the stronger your combos are, with special attacks producing crazy cool effects! Some enemies come with their own tricks, like the ability to seal and petrify your tiles, so watch out for them! Customize your own party, and choose from all your favorite Garfield friends — each with their own special skill!

The fate of our planet hangs by a thread. Can Garfield save the world from the vile, deceptively delicious-looking aliens?


  • 13 iconic characters from Garfield, including Jon, Liz, Nermal, Odie, and many more
  • Clobber Food Invaders with each character’s unique skill!
  • Unlock special characters with coins!
  • Adorable graphics
  • Characters' costumes change when they upgrade to a certain level!
  • Fun and addictive!
  • FREE!