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Garfield Fun & Games!

  • 12 Days of Christmas

    12 Days of Christmas

    The Christmas tradition is back!

  • Bean Me!

    Bean Me!

    Give Garfield a cup o’ Joe and see what happens!

  • Beat the Cheese

    Beat the Cheese

    Mice are into the cheese! Whack ‘em with a ham!

  • Christmas Mix & Match

    Christmas Mix & Match

    Matching card game with a Christmas theme!

  • Click ‘N’ Paint

    Click ‘N’ Paint

    Color Garfield, then print and hang on your wall!

  • Comic Creator

    Comic Creator

    Build your own Garfield comic!

  • Coop Catch

    Coop Catch

    Help Farmer Garfield catch eggs, but watch out for watermelons!

  • Destination Fun Fest

    Destination Fun Fest

    Hang glide over the forest. Watch out for the birds and Stan Squirrel!

  • Dingleball


    Play catch with Odie, but don’t break anything!

  • Escape from Hotel Muncie

    Escape from Hotel Muncie

    The Hotel Muncie’s ablaze! Can you find the exit?

  • Hairball Hack

    Hairball Hack

    Hit that squirrel with holiday hairballs!

  • Krazy Kennel Breakout

    Krazy Kennel Breakout

    Can you rescue Odie and escape from the Krazy Kennel?