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First Appearance:
February 13th, 1980

​Mom first comic strip appearance

Known Relatives:
Dad, Doc Boy, Jon, Grandma, Uncle Bob, Uncle Ned, Uncle Buford, Uncle Roy, Uncle Bill, Uncle Ed, Uncle Enos, Uncle Otto, Aunt Gussie, Aunt Trudy, Aunt Edna, Aunt Lillian, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Orleen, Aunt Ivy, Cousin Minerva, Cousin Drusilla , Cousin Leonard, Great Uncle Norbert

Fun Fact:
Mom once made 8 different kinds of potatoes – a personal best!

Favorite Hobby:
Knitting badly fitting Christmas sweaters for Jon and Garfield

Jon’s mom is a loving, hardworking farm wife who’s very proud of her husband and sons. She’s a wonderful cook who believes strongly in quality and quantity. As she sees it, the two most important food groups are potatoes and pies.

Jon’s mom is modeled after Jim Davis’ mother, Betty Davis.